About force-balanced subwoofers

In a traditional subwoofer, the speaker moves vigorously to push air into the room. This intense vibration is enough to cause the speaker cabinet to resonate along with it.

This resonance is not a welcome addition, as it is inconsistent across the frequency range and lags behind the speaker driver in time. This skews the frequency response and blurs the impact of transient sounds.

Cell Alpha stops these disruptions before they can begin, resulting in tight, clean, extended bass throughout the volume range.

Force-balanced subwoofers

It features two custom subwoofer drivers, one facing up, the other down. Closely matched through careful hardware design and powerful digital signal processing, they're able to move in perfect opposition.

With every movement of one driver countered by an equal and opposite reaction in the other, energy that might otherwise excite a sub enclosure to resonate is simply canceled out. This is a force-balanced configuration.