About the Triphone

You may know that Cell Alpha lets you direct and shape audio within a defined sound field. To do this, it uses a technique called beamforming. This involves controlling the timing and volume of sound across multiple drivers individually to radically reshape their output pattern.

Speakers that use beamforming are often designed for a fixed focal point (such as the couch in front of a TV). The drivers and signal processors in the speaker come configured to create a pleasing sonic image right where you point it.

However, when you leave the couch, that image stays put.

Cell Alpha is different. You can change its relationship to you and your room on a whim. A Cell has no defined aural front, back, or sides. To give you that freedom, it needs to be able to pull off the feat of projecting sound beams in any direction (even multiple directions) with pinpoint accuracy.

This is why we invented the Triphone. It's a circular array of horn-loaded drivers, tightly packed into the core of Cell Alpha. Each horn contains a concentric pair of midrange and treble drivers, joining the subwoofers in a full-range three-way configuration.

The three horns of the Triphone focus each pair of drivers on one third of the surrounding space, for precise directivity. Each driver also enjoys its own signal path and class-D amplifier for total independence and high efficiency.

This gives us an ideal platform for directional audio reproduction, and the perfect starting point for what comes next.

Varying time and volume to steer audio

Cell Alpha uses what it learns about your room and the location of other Cells to calculate optimized signals for each driver.

When a sound comes from every driver at the same time and volume, it goes in all directions. As timing and volume are carefully varied between them, the direction and shape of the sound output changes.

With one Cell, this ability lets you change the focus of the sound to suit different listening positions, or bring it back to the center it for immersive sound at any angle.

With multiple Cells, this lets a few speakers do the work of many. With a tap, you can have powerful spatial sound at the couch, intimate music at your desk, or fill the room with ambiance.