Home theater listening with Cell Alpha

Cell Alphas can play a variety of stereo and spatial audio content, with full-range sound and precise imaging. So, they can be a good choice for your home theater.

If your room is dedicated to home theater use and spatial imaging is top priority, you can place Cell Alphas in a traditional layout (such as one to each side of the screen and one or more behind your seating).

If your screen is in a multi-purpose space, simply having one or more Cells proximal to your viewing area is fine. You'll still enjoy quality home theater sound, while leaving your listening options more open for other modes of listening.

To prepare Cell Alphas for home theater use:

  1. Place your TV or screen on the room map

  2. Connect your A/V source to Cell Alpha

  3. Start listening

Step 1 - Place your screen on the room map

To present sound in the right orientation for your home theater, Cell Alpha needs to know the relative position of your screen. To establish this, open the Syng Space app. Then open the room map by tapping and holding on your Syng Space.

Tap the TV button to add your screen to the map. You can then move it around the space to align its position with the Cells in the room.

Placing a TV in Syng Space

In the future, whenever you want to go into home theater mode, just move your chosen source over to the TV area in your Syng Space.

Step 2 - Connect your A/V source

There are two primary ways to connect Cell Alpha to your home theater; one wired, one wireless.

Direct to HDMI with Syng Link

The optional Syng Link cable connects Cell Alpha directly to any HDMI source supporting eARC or ARC. All additional Cells in the room connect wirelessly.

This connection method supports content in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound (Dolby AC-3 encoded). At this time, content in Atmos and DTS formats is not supported.

Do you have a favorite format you'd like us to support? We want to hear from you. Please reach out to us at support@syngspace.com.

Making the connection

First, plug Syng Link to one of Cell Alpha's USB-C ports. If you use the one next to the power port, you can run the Syng Link cable through the stand for a cleaner look.

Then, connect the cable to your HDMI source, taking care to choose a port intended for eARC or ARC connections.

Apart from audio, this connection can also link Cell Alpha's volume to the setting on your TV, enabling the use of the TV remote control. For specifics, reference your TV's user manual.

Please note: Cell Alpha does not directly support infrared remote controls, and must receive volume control changes via eARC or ARC.

Wireless streaming with AirPlay 2

This method requires a TV or other A/V source that supports AirPlay 2. This protocol currently supports stereo content.

To use AirPlay 2, first ensure that your TV or other source is connected to Wi-Fi. Then choose Cell Alpha (or the name you've chosen for this group of Cells) as its audio output in the onscreen menu.

Step 3 - Start listening

Once you've set your system up for HDMI or AirPlay 2, whenever a connected A/V source is on and playing, Cell Alpha automatically switches to to the correct mode for listening.

When you select a different source (such as Spotify) in Syng Space, it takes precedence and home theater playback stops. To switch back, just select the HDMI or AirPlay source again.