Optimizing Wi-Fi for Cell Alpha

As Wi-Fi signals travel between your router and Cell Alpha, they are weakened by the air and obstructions in the way (such as walls, floors, furniture, and appliances). So, for the strongest connection, try to minimize distance and work around obstructions.

Wi-Fi troubleshooting tips

  • If your router is behind or inside furniture, move it into the open, placed as high as possible.

  • If your router is on one side of your home, moving it toward the center can even out coverage.

  • In some cases, simply moving your router a few feet in any direction can help.

  • If an object near Cell Alpha could be blocking the signal, try moving it.

  • Most routers broadcast both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz networks. If a Cell has issues on 5 GHz, try connecting it to 2.4 GHz for better range.

  • Cell Alpha only connects to secured Wi-Fi networks (WPA or WPA2 Personal protocol). If your network is open and doesn't require a password, secure it or create a second secured network for Cell Alpha.

If your home poses special challenges (such as multiple floors or thick or dense walls), a mesh Wi-Fi system may help. Get creative to try to minimize obstructions and distance between each node of the system.

If distance is the only problem, you can try a simple Wi-Fi extender or repeater. However, these solutions cut internet bandwidth in half, so they're not recommended for slower connections (such as DSL, satellite, or long-range wireless).