How to factory reset Cell Alpha

Factory reset in progress

To restore a Cell Alpha to its original state and remove it from your account, you do a factory reset. The light in Cell Alpha turns green when the reset is complete.

To factory reset a Cell Alpha:

  1. Turn the Control Ring quickly one way, then the other, then click and hold it down.

  2. When the reset begins, the light pulses yellow.

  3. When the light stops pulsing and turns green, you can release the Control Ring.

  4. Next, Cell Alpha restarts and the light shines solid white. When the light starts pulsing and the Cell makes a sound, it’s ready to set up again.

Please note: After a factory reset, Cell Alpha can't be used until it's set up again in the Syng Space app. You'll only do this when transferring a Cell Alpha to another person, or when instructed to do so by Syng Support.