Enjoy sound like never before with the world’s most flexible audio system

With no front or back, and no left or right, Cell Alpha transforms your space into a field of sound for a perfectly balanced, room-filling experience. It’s the highest quality audio in any number, for any layout, and any media type.

Hear music for the first time with one Cell

A single Cell creates a deep, wide soundfield with immaculate precision no matter where it’s placed.

Dive into a playground of sound with two Cells

Two Cells working together in harmony give you a soundstage that fills the whole room. Cells map their location, allowing you to set the stage.

Listen like never before with three Cells

Three or more Cells mark the full potential of Triphonic audio. Bend sound to your whim as it fully envelops you, putting you inside the soundfield for the richest, cleanest sound you’ve ever heard.

Strength in numbers

Multiple Cells optimized for home theater and immersive audio enjoyment with risk-free listening for up to 45 days.
Cell Set DUO
Cell Set TRIO

Conduct sound in your space with the touch of your fingertip

The Syng Space app gives you unprecedented control with child-like simplicity. Stream music, podcasts, movies, games, directly from your device using Apple AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect.

From music to home theater

Triphonic audio allows you to effortlessly switch from listening to music to watching movies, television, live sports or playing video games. Using our Syng Link cable, you unlock a fully immersive 5.1 setup, with the stage centered on your TV. You get sounds from everywhere while using far fewer speakers than traditional surround sound.


Amazing Speakers. Incredible definition, rich bass, categorically different listening experience. These speakers have me listening to music in a whole new way. — Scott C.
Life Changing! I went into this purchase with pretty high expectations and have been blown away at every step. The unboxing, the set up, how great they look in my living room, and the incredible sound! — Aidan P.
Just Plain WOW!! These speakers are simply amazing!! The sound quality is incredible and the bass rumbles your soul! — Edward M.
Cell Alpha with Table Stand

Experience Cell Alpha

Start building your Triphonic audio system today. Experience the immersive sound of Cell Alpha at home, and if you’re not convinced in the first 45 days, we’ll take it back and give you a full refund.

Designed to be heard

Cell Alpha works like an instrument to make audio as real as the sounds around you. Each part works beautifully in concert to create the most moving sound you’ve ever experienced from a speaker: one that’s intimate, immersive, and incredibly engaging.

Force-Balanced Bass

With woofers that are compact yet mighty, Cell Alpha can achieve 23 Hz with no unwanted vibration and pure bass you can feel.

Pinpoint Sound Projection

The Triphone– a circular array of three horns that delivers mid and high frequencies– allows for extraordinary precision to place sound where you want it.

Perfect Clarity

A three-way system with eight drivers, Cell Alpha emits sound from a single point so the full-frequency range reaches your ears simultaneously. Hear everything.

Additional Features

Set up and go

Set up is easy with the Syng Space app. Cell Alpha does the rest of the work to always sound perfect in your space with self-calibration.

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Plug in and play

With two USB-C ports, you can connect to almost anything that makes noise: your laptop, record player, and more in the future.

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Fully controllable

Control your Cell from the app or the stand’s Control Ring if you need to quickly pause or adjust the volume.

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Stream anything

The Syng Space app is integrated with Spotify Connect & Tidal Connect. For everything else – music, podcasts, and more – stream directly from your device using Apple AirPlay 2.

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Connect and watch

Create a home theater you can show off with our Syng Link USB-C to HDMI cable and an eARC/ ARC port.

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Fits anywhere

With a table, modular floor stand, or ceiling mount, Cell Alpha fits in the right place, anyplace.

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