Cell Alpha Ceiling Mount Assembly & Installation

To assemble and install Cell Alpha Ceiling Mount, follow these instructions to open and unpack the box, assemble it, install it, and set it up in the Syng Space app.

Warning: If you have just unboxed a new Cell Alpha, please keep the protective wrap on Cell Alpha during assembly and use the shipping cradle to stabilize.

Step 1: Pass the Power Cord through the Socket and optional Extension Tubes

Warning: Install the Ferrite near the end of the Power Cord where it connects to the Cell for optimal performance.

If you have purchased Extension Tubes connect them together with the Socket. To purchase Extension Tubes (Pack of 2), please visit syngspace.com/shop

Step 2: Plug the Power Cord into the Cell

Step 3: Screw the Socket (+ Extension Tubes) onto the Cell

Note: Ensure Cell, Extension Tubes and Socket are securely hand tightened.

Step 4: Place aside your Cell + Socket assembly and proceed with Step 5

Locate ceiling joists where you plan to install the Ceiling Mount. The Bracket must be installed with provided Screws into ceiling joists, wooden beams or planked wood. For concrete or other materials please ask a specialist. Ensure that the Power Cord will reach a power outlet.

Step 5: Use the Cardboard Template to mark the Screw locations

Warning: Use a minimum of 2 screws when installing to a ceiling joist.

Step 6: Drill pilot holes of 1/8“(3mm) diameter

Step 7: Install the Bracket using the Screws

Warning: Screws must be installed securely.

Use the Leveling Plate included when installing the Bracket on an uneven surface.
Please contact customer support if you have any questions. support@syngspace.com

Step 8: Install the Cosmetic Plate

Align the 3 locking features in the Cosmetic Plate with the slots on the Bracket. Rotate the Cosmetic Plate 30o clockwise until you feel a “click” and the locking features are secured into place.

Step 9: Hang the Cell + Socket assembly from the Bracket

Hold the Cell + Socket assembly with both hands. Align the opening of the Socket with the ball joint of the Bracket. Hook the ball joint fully into the Socket opening. Slowly release the Cell after the ball joint and Socket are hooked, making sure that the connection is properly

Note: Ensure Power Cord is clear of ball joint and Socket.

Step 10: Install the Security Screw into the threaded hole of the Socket

Warning: Ensure the Security Screw is fully tightened.

Step 11: Remove the Protective Wrap

Step 12: Use the hooks and grommets provided to route the Power Cord along your ceiling

Plug the Power Cord into the wall socket and follow Cell setup instructions in Syng Space.

Warning: Mounting the Bracket in a manner not in accordance with the provided instructions voids warranty and safety guarantees.

Download Instructions (PDF)