A new sound.

Syng is an audio company building sound for the future. We’ve created an entirely new object-based sonic architecture that can play any format of recorded sound and make it tangible. We’re ready for anything we listen to today, and everything we haven’t yet imagined listening to tomorrow. Welcome to the next generation of audio.

Our Purpose

Syng exists to transform the human relationship with sound.

We believe everyone should be empowered to engage with the sounds around them in new and innovative ways. We aim to blur the lines between artist and listener, providing new manners of expression and creative ways of listening for all.

Christopher Stringer, Co-Founder, Chief Design Officer

“Sound is a critical, often overlooked element in our lives. We created Syng so anyone can experience the power of audio.”

22 years at Apple
1,800+ patents for iconic tech
Developing Triphonic Software since 2018

We aim to turn listening into a multi-sensory experience. When we can hear, touch, and see sound, it taps into an innate human desire to control and manipulate the sounds around us. The simple act of listening goes from passive to active and we form deeper connections to the sounds we love.