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The world's
first Triphonic

Starting at $1,799

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A revolution in home audio.

Super spatial sound.

Sound in real life comes from all around you. Shouldn’t your sound at home do the same thing? Triphonic audio enables a new kind of listening experience. One that’s super wide, super deep, and super immersive. Start listening in 3D.

Flexible system.

One Cell fills your room with the most articulate, spacious sound you’ve ever heard out of a single speaker. Add more to envelop yourself in sound and transform your space into a soundfield.

Ready for anything.

Stream through Spotify and AirPlay 2 over WiFi, connect your devices via USB-C, and plug in your home theater with the Syng Link cable. Cell Alpha is ready for any sound.

Listen risk free.
Hearing is believing. Try listening to Cell Alpha at home. If you’re not convinced in the first 100 days, we’ll take it back and give you a full refund.
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What is Triphonic audio?
The next generation of audio technology, Triphonic enables the world’s first true spatial sound experience designed for the home. Cell Alpha uses Triphonic audio to adapt to the characteristics of your space and precisely project sound to the exact dimensions of your room, creating an immersive and unified soundfield. When sound is all around you, it’s intimate, totally enveloping and unlike anything you’ve ever heard – that’s why we call it Super Spatial Sound.

The world is in 3D. Shouldn’t your sound be, too?
How many Cells do I need?

Cell Alpha’s soundfield is designed to adapt to your needs. Each Cell you add offers new perspectives and uncovers details you’ve never heard before in your favorite sounds. Expand the system as you see fit, with up to four Cells in any layout.

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Syng Space

The intuitive app to
control and play
with sound.

Syng Space

The intuitive app to
control and play
with sound.

Play Everything

Drop any sound source into your space.

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Shape Your Sound

Tailor your listening with pinpoint sound placement.

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Explore The Soundfield

Go inside and discover the elements of every sound.*

Play Everywhere

Control Cells throughout your home with Multi-Space playback.*

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*Coming 2022

Additional Features

Stream your favorites

Stream music, podcasts, movies, games and more directly from your device using Apple AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect.

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Plug in what you love

With its two USB-C ports, Cell Alpha can connect to almost anything that makes noise – your laptop, your record player, and much more in the future.

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Easy to control

Syng Space offers full control of your Cell, but when you need to instinctively pause or adjust the volume, simply use the Control Ring on your Cell.

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Fits in any space

With a table stand or modular floor stand, Cell Alpha fits in any room in exactly the right place.

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Connect and watch

With our upcoming Syng Link USB-C to HDMI cable and an eARC port on your TV, the Cell makes great home theater sound easy.

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Easy Set up

With the Syng Space app, you'll have your cells set up and automatically calibrated to your space in no time.

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